Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank You For Support In Competition

     Well, I have to really really thank my FAMILY, FRIENDS and also FANS for the tremendous support I received while preparing for my first MABBA Bodybuilding Competition on Saturday, March 23, 2013.  My patient gf Amanda for all of her support.  Ian Birchall, Darren "The Bomb" and Christ Turcotte, you were all a big help and a huge reason why I was able to get into good condition after suffering the back injury.  Along with that I must also thank Elite Sports Injury Clinic's Olivia for helping me make the recovery as well.
     I HAVE TO NOT FORGET to mention SHOWTIME SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS, Darryl Landry and Ivette Landry along with Mike Asiedu for all there advice, knowledge, training and support!  They really are the most selfless people I have met in bodybuilding so far.  Thank you for lending an ear and shoulder during the meltdown points, lol.  I appreciated all of the advice and it helped!
     Everyone who goes through this knows how much of a mental strain it can be.  So for everyone I mentioned thank you for that support as well, in helping me stay confident and strong.  Pretty easy to not give up or quit when you have that kind of support.
     I had a lot of fun this past weekend and met so many nice people involved with MABBA.  The camaraderie I experienced back stage was pretty awesome to experience and see.
     Thanks to Chris V Linton for taking the time with me for the photoshoot with your busy schedule.  You made it really easy and comfortable to be in front of the camera.  Also Redan Miranda for your photoshoot as well, again it was fun and I looking forward to seeing some of the final pictures from each shoot.  You both have a good eye for photography.
     OH!  I have to thank Rod Sylvia for the baking after the show.  Nothing can beat home made Reese Peanut Butter cups!  Grandmother also baked me some as well...I am so set for these!
     I apologize if I left anyone out and please know when I say I appreciate all of my family and friends' support, I really truly do.  NONE of it went unnoticed to me!

     In the next two weeks I will hopefully have some pictures to put up of the show and the photoshoot, here are a couple links to see pictures.  One from Muscle Insider Magazine and one has some shots from one of my shoots:

~Jon Cutler~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Twitter Interview August 2012

Interview on Twitter for @thejoncutler from @JerommeGraham for the blog at

1. Did you grow up a wrestling fan? What wrestlers did you admire before getting into the business?

That would be a loud and resounding yes.  I have a memory of watching Hulk Hogan and also Mr. T preparing for Wrestlemania I.  Growing up my older friend and cousin took turns slamming me on the grass, in the basement, in the pool and gave me a big stuffed animal as a tag partner…now that was fair.  Funny, when I was older and bigger...that all stopped.

Guys that I admired…well usually  I enjoyed watching the “good guys” win.  I really enjoyed Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sting.  As I got closer to when I started wrestling it was the Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker and of course DX.

2. How did you get your start in wrestling?

I had finished playing hockey and rugby and I was looking for something to do other than just hitting the gym.  A local promoter (Matt Evans) was running a small promotion in the town I was living. After talking to him a couple of us decided to take a shot at something we had always done as kids...and it kind of just went from there.  I guess I always wanted to make it to the big stage, but I didn’t really start believing it until a few years into wrestling when I was fortunate to be trained by Johnny Devine.

3. You were signed to a developmental deal in 2008. How did that come about? Was being signed to the WWE your ultimate goal in wrestling?

Yeah, I got the deal back in 2008 with WWE.  I was originally supposed to have a tryout when they came to Canada in 2007, but they cancelled that tour due to the Benoit incident.  Then in 2008 they were in contact with me to go to Toronto, Canada for a look.  After being in the ring, during the day before the RAW taping that night, they told me I would be working a match against Paul Burchill and Katie Lea.  That match ended up not being a dark match but actually a segment on RAW which was pretty cool.  It was the next day at the Smackdown taping that I was approached and offered the contract.  You can see that match on my youtube channel.

I would say my ultimate goal was not simply being signed by WWE or TNA or anything like that.  To simply get signed by WWE was pretty awesome, don’t get me wrong.  But I think the ultimate goal for most, as well as me, is to get a few big matches at minimum and one day hold a title.  Getting on RAW the one match was just the start of what I had been working very hard for.

4. What led to your release?

Hmmm, that is a good question.  It came as a surprise to me and many others as I was doing well at the time.  I was flattered to have Dusty Rhodes giving me props for my promo work when in Florida, I mean that guy knows how to cut a real good promo.  So with that going for me and receiving praises on my recent matches, I really was caught by surprise.  That is not to say I didn’t have things to work on though but things were on the ‘up’ I thought.

I would say looking back one thing I had against me was I was “too nice” is one thing I was told.  I mean its one thing to make your opponents look good but you have to be willing to take your own shots and let yourself shine too, which is something I would do differently if I were given the chance.

All in all I look back on it as a great opportunity I had that not a lot of people can say they get the chance to do.  It was a great experience.

5. Surely, you've worked with and have become friends with wrestlers that are working in both the WWE and TNA. What's your take on the current wrestling scene?

Yes, a lot of the guys on television right now I have worked with or who I am friends with.  I can remember tagging with Shaemus when we were in Florida.  Now that is a tough guy and he deserves all he is getting.  Really nice...could count on him to help you out if needed.  David Otunga as well has worked so hard and definitely deserves all he is getting.  He was humble when he and I started in Florida and still is to wrestling.  Super good guy I am lucky to call a I can always say I had his first ever wrestling match, lol.

6. Is there anyone you've wrestled on the indies or in FCW that you think people should keep an eye on?

That is a good question...there are a lot of talented guys out there both on the Indy scene and approaching the next step. Byron Saxton and Abraham Washinton have always been favorite’s of mine and I think they are very talented and creative.  Bo and Duke Rotundo are also really great guys, Duke obviously goes by a different alias right now.  Tenille Tayla just got back down to FCW and I would say you need to watch and see what she can do in the future as she is very talented as well.

7. What was it like auditioning for Tough Enough?

It was pretty interesting I will say.  I was in contact a lot with the casting department before the show.  I know up to the final decisions being made my name was in the mix.  From what they picked it was clear that whoever outside of casting was making final decisions, my past experience with WWE probably played as a negative for me.  Obviously they wanted someone with not a lot of experience or who was already down a FCW.  Either way it was fun and it was good to know I was so close to being picked.

8. You worked as with Jessie Godderz and Jonny Fairplay as the Hollywood Love Guns in WFX. Could you see yourself on Big Brother or Survivor?

Lol, I would totally win Survivor, I mean Jonny would have my back and who better to give me tips right??  Big Brother...bring it on, I could entertain and kick as on that show as well...again having an inside source to give me tips there with Jessie.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun as the Hollywood Love Guns.  The chemistry the three of us had was pretty good and our backstage stuff I had a lot of fun with.  Maybe it’s something my supporters should email TNA or WWE and get them to take a look at, you think, lol??  You can see some of our stuff and our theme song on my youtube channel as well.

9. How have you been keeping busy post-wrestling?

Have I been keeping busy??  Well I will say I have less new pains, but still the same nagging ones.  You will still find me training hard in the gym.  Just enjoying things and finding which path I want to take.  I do miss the business of sports entertainment and wrestling.  The camaraderie you have with each other is pretty unique.  The fans are also quite something else and I definitely miss that...probably the most out of it all.  I was blessed to have so many dedicated and awesome fans and followers out there who many still show their support for me to this day.  Maybe they deserve a return one day?? I mean I never did use the word “retire” right...maybe everyone should follow me on twitter or my site

10. Tell us about Showtime Supplements.

Showtime Sports Supplement is a sponsor I currently have.  Darryl and his wife Yvette are two of the nicest people I know.  They were very open with sponsoring me right away, knowing my path was sports entertainment at the time and not bodybuilding.  I cannot say enough good words about that company and anyone who has the opportunity to purchase supplements from them or get health advice or even meet with them in person...well I feel should take that opportunity.  Here is their website

11. Are you at all surprised by your large fan base? What is it like knowing that so many people look up to you and also that you're viewed as a sex symbol by male and female fans alike?

You know what, lol...I can try be as sincere with you and say, YES...I was always blown away more and more by all the people that have shown and still show their support for me.  It’s something that I have always tried to show my appreciation that everyone knows how much it means to me.  If that means spending an hour and more replying to emails or messages...then I would do that.  Trying to remember birthdays and really get to know those who showed support for me.  It can be a daunting task with things like my website, Twitter and Facebook, lol...but I try my best.  I mean the way I see it if a person sends me a message or email, that is time out of their own day they are spending doing why should my time be any more important that I can’t reply to them?  That’s how I see it anyway.

Ok, lol...well first of all.  I enjoy having youth look up to me, I try to be a good role model and I have always enjoyed going around to schools and places, giving talks to people and youth.

Now the second part quite honestly made me symbol by male and female  I guess I just don’t see myself that way, though especially with the Hollywood Love Guns I could turn it up and sure make you think I do.  If that is how people view me, then it’s flattering and surprising to me.  Can’t say I see it as a bad thing, I mean if it’s true then I got to say “Woohoo, I really am Prime Cut”, lol.

12. Personally, I feel like you could have a big modelling career. Any chance of you pursuing more modelling work? And knowing the readers, I have to ask, would you ever follow in the footsteps of HBK and pose for Playgirl or do nude work?

I have had people make me think of the modelling career, to be honest.  But I never really pursued it actively.  Is modelling in the cards...I guess I wouldn’t discount it if I were approached to do it, I just never actively went looking.

Lol, HBK did his own thing and paved quite the path.  I don’t know that I could ever go that route myself...and really who wants to see that? Lol.

Random Rapid Fire Questions. Basically just the first thing that comes to mind.

1. You can't leave home without... “A good belt, hate trying to hold up my pants when they are too big.”
2. What wrestler past or present do you wish you could've wrestled? “Chris Jericho, Sting or Hulk Hogan I suppose”
3. Favourite superhero? “Superman of course”
4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? “I have always wanted to fly, though x-ray vision seems pretty useful”
5. Boxers or briefs?  “Take the two and combine those together, got it? Lol”
6. Hidden talent?  “Memorizing lines from a movie”
7. Favourite breakfast food?  “Not lying, protein pancakes, if made right are really good honestly.”
8. Current cologne of choice? “Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio, like moths to a flame”
9. What would someone have to do to impress you or get your attention?  ”Lol, just be interesting, I don’t enjoy small talk”
10. Favourite quote?  “Everyone man dies, not every man really lives...I know what you are thinking but honestly that one has followed me since I first saw the movie.”

~Jon Cutler~

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week people were asked by @Hot_Wrestlers to submit questions for Jon Cutler to answer, here they are:

1) What's your favorite type of workout you do daily? I suppose for me its just getting my butt to the gym and being physically active…lifting weights, skipping rope, whatever it takes

2) Do you spray tan, or regular tan? Regular tan, never liked the look of spray tans much. Kind of look orange on some people and who wants to look like a carrot.

3) What age when u decided u want to become a wrestler? Hmmm, well some would say when I was like 4-5 years old. When I actually decided to take a shot I was 20 I believe.

4) How is the life after the many months not wrestling? Well, not as banged up so much but pains still there. A little simple…definitely miss the fans and entertaining the crowds. That rush when you come through the entrance is like no other.

5) Other than wrestling, what are you passionate about? Good question, probably bodybuilding or fitness in general and educating youth. Can’t forget the Winnipeg Jets either.

6) What are your plans for your post-wrestling career? You know all I said was it’s my last match, I never said the word “retire” *wink*. Lol, I am still deciding on that right now.

7) What words of motivation would you bring for your fans? If you want something, go for it. You will always have people say negative things…but it’s mostly because they wish they had taken a shot at their dreams. Use it to fuel the fire and motivate you.

 8) Do you still have these killer body & massive thighs? Lol, never thought of myself as having that…and massive thighs, lol…well after playing hockey my whole life I don’t think those are going away anytime soon. Can anyone help me buy jeans?? It can be so frustrating.

9) Did fans still notice you or know you when they see you? Yes, I suppose surprisingly to me, people do. Even when I look like a bum after the gym, I was still recently seen doing some shopping.

10) How is your view to the current WWE product? I am happy for a lot of my bro’s who are now on the mainstream roster and television. I still like to bug my buddy David (Otunga) that I have him on tape saying he is my number 1 fan, lol.

11) What you think of the current product the WWE have to offer for the divas? Being a diva is not just about image anymore. More and more it’s apparent that you really have to be tough and be able to kick some butt to be a diva.

12) Who are the divas with the most potential down there from your point of view? Not sure if you meant current roster or developmental. But for current…Natalya is great and my fellow Canadian Rosa Mendes is still a favorite of mine. Honestly the talent with the diva’s is high and has come a long way.

13) Would you ever pose nude? Lol, now who the heck would want to see that…honestly, lol.

14) Do you still have your trunks? Yes, I still have my gear…somewhere anyway.

15) When yes do you use them sometimes as swimwear? No, just wear the gear for my matches. Recently read a “wear your gear to work thing on Facebook”. I didn’t think that would go over too well at most places, lol.

16) Anybody wanted to buy them from you? Surprisingly to me I have had a couple emails and requests asking yes. Guess the boots are pretty stylish.

17) We know that you quit with wrestling, but would you do some very light fetish wrestling with wearing a speedo? Lol, again…come on who would want to see that. Probably better chance though of me getting back into mainstream wrestling…hope that doesn’t disappoint.

18) Does people/fans came up to you and wanted to massage your body still after the wrestling? I may, at times, have had an offer or two. One thought, free massage…lol

19) Would you wear a tight speedo and do a photoshoot while getting payed for this? I suppose that would not be too new to me. Being in fitness, I would not discount the possibility as I have needed to for sponsorships. Speaking of which, time for a cheap plug of or join the facebook group here

20) Who did you most enjoy wrestling in FCW? It’s hard to say, I had some fun rivalries and matches there with guys like Eric Escobar, Ken Kennedy, Yoshitatsu, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga…just to name a few. There was a lot of talent and good times while I was in FCW.

21) Does someone like you had some groupies when you still were active as wrestler? Hmmmm, well I suppose that would be more of a poll or question for everyone else. I definitely had fans…but groupies…not sure I invoked that kind of reaction from people but hey, weirder things have happened.

22) Any plans in working with a wrestling promotion as creative head near you? I have not really thought about it just yet…guess it would depend, I do miss the creative aspect. But mostly I just miss the fans!

~Jon Cutler~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank You and The Next Step

Since my last match back in September I have been getting so many emails of support and questions from people. The support has been tremendous as always, yet it seems it can keep surprising me just how much I receive. In the most sincere way I want to thank everyone. I even thought after my last match I would lose some of that support, but to my surprise again, that was not the case.

I was feeling I should say a few things and give a couple answers to questions I have been receiving. Again, the support that is shown keeps amazing me.

To start I really want to thank everyone who has supported me over the 10 years I spent in the sports entertainment business. From day one I felt very fortunate to continuously get so much support and appreciation for my passion in wrestling. The one thing that kept me going I would definitely say was just that support I got. It is the biggest aspect that I find missing, getting to talk to the people and fans at the shows. To hear the crowd show their appreciation for what you enjoy doing while at the same time feeling the same appreciation for them coming to watch the show.

I was fortunate to get to do a lot of things in those short 10 years. Travel and meet so many interesting and nice people through that time as well. I consider myself lucky getting to travel all over Canada, USA and recently in 2011 to Japan. Of course getting signed by World Wrestling Entertainment and getting to perform in front of millions of people on RAW really set the bar high for all of those experiences.

It really showed me after appearing on RAW and getting signed that all those people who said “That will never happen” or “That’s just a dream, not reality”, that they simply were fuel to my passion to succeed. If there is anything I can pass along to everyone is just that, that people can do whatever it is they are passionate about and set there minds too. There will always be those people who say you “can’t” do it, but if you use them properly, then they can be one of your biggest driving factors when attempting to reach a dream or goal in your life. Live your life for you, live for your dreams and do not stop until you get there.

I miss many of the fans and friends I made during my time with WWE. I also miss many of the fans and friends I have made over the years I spent performing independently as well. There are some connections that I know I will keep through the rest of my life and am grateful for those connections I made.

The reason I chose to close the door and start down a new path in my life was made from a personal decision. Along with that decision, I felt that I had accomplished all I was going to be able to. In my mind it was originally more than I thought I could possibly attain. The funny part though, in a lot of ways, it was not good enough in my own mind or as far as I thought I should have got as well. I wish I could give you a better answer than that, for those who asked “why are you stopping wrestling?”

It makes me feel so good when people say “you should still be signed” or “you are so entertaining, it sucks you are stopping.” Receiving so many emails like that from people just make me realize a bit more just how many people supported and do support me.

What is next for me is another question I receive a lot. I don’t have a good answer for you there though at this time. I am still figuring out this next path and have contemplated bodybuilding or continuing with fitness modeling as well. I continue to have great support and sponsorship through Showtime Supplements which is real nice to have. As for 2011, it was such a roller coaster year and I guess its going to take me a bit longer to figure out where this new path is going to lead. Though I know opportunities will continue to present themselves the more driven I am.

I wanted to make sure that no matter what path I take or where life leads me that I made sure to thank each and every one of you who have supported me so greatly. Rest assured I am not going to fade away and disappear. Through my website, twitter, facebook I will make sure to keep all of you supporters informed as to what is coming next for me.

So I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Please, do not drink and drive and make sure we all have a safe holiday and New Years as well.

In my most humble way, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your continued support and see you all in 2012!

~Jon Cutler~

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smash 15 in Japan, one word…Awesome

I was recently in Japan for the first time to take part in SMASH 15, which was their 1 year anniversary show. What a positive experience it was for me. From the moment landing in Japan I was treated with nothing but respect, a respect to the degree I even felt I did not deserve.

As part of the show, there was even a press conference held for those of us on the card for SMASH 15. Again, everyone treated us with so much respect that I was honored to be taking part in this show and to even have been invited to Japan.

Meeting the crew of SMASH was an honor for me and again, everyone was really nice and very respectful (do you see a theme here?). The show included people like Tajiri, Sabu, Ultimo Dragon, Funaki, Akira Nogami, Kushida and that is only naming a few of the great and talented people on the show for that night.

The show started with a heart wrenching and much deserved remembrance of all the people affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami tragedy that struck Japan.

My opponent that evening was Akira Nogami in the opening match of the night. It would prove to be a tough match and skilled opponent, as I ended up losing the match. Akira has put in many years to the wrestling business and still continues to give a lot to it. To say it was an honor to be able to take part in a match against him would be accurate.

I just want to thank SMASH for the opportunity of coming out and working for their company. Also, to the SMASH fans and everyone in Japan, thank you for the tremendous and generous support and respect you showed me. I hope to be able to perform for you again, it would be an honor.

Please continue to help and show your support to those in Japan that need it. One organization that you can give to is Red Cross:

Here are a couple of website’s for SMASH for those wishing to check out more on this fast rising company:

Here are a couple pictures from the show, thank you T.SAKUMA and K.YAMAMOTO for taking them:

~Jon Cutler~













Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kickin’ The Training Tires

Thank you again to Hot 103 FM's Adam West for asking me to write this to be posted as part of a series of blogs he is doing on their website regarding health:

My third part to helping those new comers to the gym/resolutioners. Again as with nutrition, I felt it best to keep it as simple as possible. Now there are plenty of ways for people to train properly and learning your own body will help determine if certain exercises are working for you. For example if a person is trying to work around past injuries.

Want some motivation? Discover what yours is for yourself and do not rely on others for it. As with nutrition, to really see some solid results…to be fair give yourself at least 8 weeks. Note this, weddings…beaches…not so far off as you may think.

Let us begin your own LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Again, this is all basic stuff for the beginner/intermediate.

Training for losing weight requires you to push your limits a bit. So leave the newspaper until you are ready to sit on the couch. The best kind of motivation will be music or a television show that gets you wanting to train. *cough*…Rocky IV…sorry I had to.

Hypothetically, if talking about an average person working Monday to Friday then training 5 days a week is fine, but taking two off after that…come on, you can do better then that. I find its more helpful to a persons schedule to do 4-5 workouts and take one off…that way it gives you some flexibility should something come up. If you MUST do the Monday-Friday schedule, use one of your weekend days at least to accomplish some cardiovascular training.

Along with cardiovascular training, why not add in some abdominal exercising as well. I mean in order to see that six pack you need to combine both types of training for any hope.

I should mention, before you cringe at “Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals” below. Think of this…simply get your target heart rate going for 20-30 minutes. Abdominals…well if you are contracting that muscle properly, you should not take much time working this area either. *One tip say when doing a crunch, flex that muscle and at the same time force all the air out of your lungs.*

Here is a typical training regimen that you may wish to try, stick to 4 sets of 4 exercises of 10-12 repetitions:

Monday – Chest
Tuesday – Back/Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Wednesday – Legs
Thursday – Shoulders/Traps/Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Friday – Arms
Saturday – Off/ Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Sunday - OFF

Keep your workouts aerobic and burning more calories by taking less rest time. I mentioned previously…do one set of an exercise, rest only 45 seconds and continue to the next set of that exercise. If you are really hardcore you can even do an aerobic exercise in between for the 45 seconds like skipping for example.

Let’s remember that your body, in a way, is your own worst enemy. It can adapt very quickly so changing your routines up every 6-8 weeks is best. Don’t give your body time to make things easier, this means it is no longer as effective.

Though some may not wish to spend money on supplements, I really believe that anyone should include a daily multivitamin into their nutrition.

Well that’s the skinny on training. All the above is basic but should be able to get the most new comers closer to attaining their Lifestyle Change.