Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank You For Support In Competition

     Well, I have to really really thank my FAMILY, FRIENDS and also FANS for the tremendous support I received while preparing for my first MABBA Bodybuilding Competition on Saturday, March 23, 2013.  My patient gf Amanda for all of her support.  Ian Birchall, Darren "The Bomb" and Christ Turcotte, you were all a big help and a huge reason why I was able to get into good condition after suffering the back injury.  Along with that I must also thank Elite Sports Injury Clinic's Olivia for helping me make the recovery as well.
     I HAVE TO NOT FORGET to mention SHOWTIME SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS, Darryl Landry and Ivette Landry along with Mike Asiedu for all there advice, knowledge, training and support!  They really are the most selfless people I have met in bodybuilding so far.  Thank you for lending an ear and shoulder during the meltdown points, lol.  I appreciated all of the advice and it helped!
     Everyone who goes through this knows how much of a mental strain it can be.  So for everyone I mentioned thank you for that support as well, in helping me stay confident and strong.  Pretty easy to not give up or quit when you have that kind of support.
     I had a lot of fun this past weekend and met so many nice people involved with MABBA.  The camaraderie I experienced back stage was pretty awesome to experience and see.
     Thanks to Chris V Linton for taking the time with me for the photoshoot with your busy schedule.  You made it really easy and comfortable to be in front of the camera.  Also Redan Miranda for your photoshoot as well, again it was fun and I looking forward to seeing some of the final pictures from each shoot.  You both have a good eye for photography.
     OH!  I have to thank Rod Sylvia for the baking after the show.  Nothing can beat home made Reese Peanut Butter cups!  Grandmother also baked me some as well...I am so set for these!
     I apologize if I left anyone out and please know when I say I appreciate all of my family and friends' support, I really truly do.  NONE of it went unnoticed to me!

     In the next two weeks I will hopefully have some pictures to put up of the show and the photoshoot, here are a couple links to see pictures.  One from Muscle Insider Magazine and one has some shots from one of my shoots:

~Jon Cutler~

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