Monday, December 6, 2010

Yes, Jon Cutler is trying for WWE Tough Enough

So it was announced that WWE will be holding another Tough Enough in the new year. Well I just wanted to do a quick blog indicating, yes...I will be attempting to throw my hat into the ring (no pun intended) and try get on this next WWE Tough Enough.

I am asking for everyone's support and continued support in this. Please pass this around and also go and vote for me too please (daily votes). Thank you to Nick for helping me out with this. Also the support of my fellow Hollywood Love Guns, Jonny Fairplay and Jessie Godderz is greatly appreciated as well.

So again, please continue to vote daily. Thank you...EVERYONE for all of your support so far as well!!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

October starts with a bang

So first things first, the Hollywood Love Guns decided this past Friday, Oct.1st at WFX's tv taping...well that we would make our mark. We sure did, even put up against tough opponents like Bob Holly and Kip. This showed a strong night for us and just the beginning.

I would say one thing I learned more than anything, Fairplay has endless energy and its exhausting trying to keep up with this man, lol. I mean I need my 6-7 hrs sleep but somehow he does it in much less. The lack of sleep may have been what led to the funny backstage stuff he, Jessie and I shot as well.

Enjoyed the spontaneous picture which was shot of us, I think it really screams Hollywood Love Guns. Here is an example below, to check out more go here:

Hollywood Love Guns

As of now the next WFX show is set for th weekend of Nov.6th-7th.

That is about it for now, just wanted to add a quick update for you readers. Be safe and for all you Canadians, have a Happy Thanksgiving this coming weekend!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Words from a fan, plus update

I was sent this just today and it was really quite unique and impressive. Never have received such high praise or kind words from someone. It's not to say I don't receive awesome support from those following my career, I just felt this one really needed to be pointed out...I really do and did apprecaite receiving such praise, though don't feel I deserve it. Thanks a lot bro for sending me this.
Author: Kahlian Malik

We all start out with a dream,
Spend years tryin' to acheive,
You tackle it at the seam,
Never meanin' to decieve,
But with a life this effn' hard,
...You just vyin' for the belt,
Can't always draw the perfect card,
Persevere the hand your dealt,
The lifestyle may be rough,
But we can't get enough,
Chasin' our Holy grail,
And were all gonna fail,
But we gotta get back up,
Get back on this wild ride,
Remember to buckle up,
Having heart is a thing of pride,
You makin' all us very proud,
What you've done for me you can't even imagine,
The message came to me very loud,
I was sittin' in the crowd,
Watchin' a Prime Cut example,
Seeing the future star,
We just experienced a sample,
A sample of my role model,
I owe a lot to this guy,
With this life theres no time to dawdle,
I wanna do this til I die,
Can't blame his success on the butler,
Your earning everything you got,
We all know his name is Jon Cutler,
Makin' his way to the top

What else, well...upcoming action you should check out WFX "Conflict Of Interest" on Friday, September, 17, 2010. One World Studios in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Here is a pic of "The Hollywood Love Guns" sizing up their opponents at the last WFX show. ("Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz, "Prime Cut" Jon Cutler, Security Darren "The Bomb" Dalton with manager Jonny Fairplay-not in pic)

Anyway, guess one more thing...looking for a shoot'em up, explosion, 'guy' movie...check out The Expendables, if that is what you are looking for...this movie will deliver!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long time since last update, Hollywood Love Guns

Well, its been a long time since I last updated. First official blog on Blog Spot. Unfortunately just going to keep this a short one.

Most recently, creation of the number #1 tag team in sports entertainment history. The "Hollywood Love Guns" are offically on the scene with Jonny Fairplay (formerly Survivor) as the mouth piece for "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz (formerly Big Brother) and "Prime Cut" Jon Cutler (formerly WWE).

As you can see this is a powerhouse tag team which only has the sky as its limit in the future. You can check out a recently made video containing our entrance music as well here:

Right now you can check us out wrestling for Wrestling Fan Xperience (WFX) and they have a website

As for more, I recently posted up some new pics from July/10 on my websites...I will list them below as well if you want to check them out or some recent matches as well:

That is about it for now...just wanted to get this Blog Spot things started. I will attempt to keep you more updated in the near future on Cutler's Corner!