Thursday, October 7, 2010

October starts with a bang

So first things first, the Hollywood Love Guns decided this past Friday, Oct.1st at WFX's tv taping...well that we would make our mark. We sure did, even put up against tough opponents like Bob Holly and Kip. This showed a strong night for us and just the beginning.

I would say one thing I learned more than anything, Fairplay has endless energy and its exhausting trying to keep up with this man, lol. I mean I need my 6-7 hrs sleep but somehow he does it in much less. The lack of sleep may have been what led to the funny backstage stuff he, Jessie and I shot as well.

Enjoyed the spontaneous picture which was shot of us, I think it really screams Hollywood Love Guns. Here is an example below, to check out more go here:

Hollywood Love Guns

As of now the next WFX show is set for th weekend of Nov.6th-7th.

That is about it for now, just wanted to add a quick update for you readers. Be safe and for all you Canadians, have a Happy Thanksgiving this coming weekend!!


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