Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kickin’ The Training Tires

Thank you again to Hot 103 FM's Adam West for asking me to write this to be posted as part of a series of blogs he is doing on their website regarding health:

My third part to helping those new comers to the gym/resolutioners. Again as with nutrition, I felt it best to keep it as simple as possible. Now there are plenty of ways for people to train properly and learning your own body will help determine if certain exercises are working for you. For example if a person is trying to work around past injuries.

Want some motivation? Discover what yours is for yourself and do not rely on others for it. As with nutrition, to really see some solid results…to be fair give yourself at least 8 weeks. Note this, weddings…beaches…not so far off as you may think.

Let us begin your own LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Again, this is all basic stuff for the beginner/intermediate.

Training for losing weight requires you to push your limits a bit. So leave the newspaper until you are ready to sit on the couch. The best kind of motivation will be music or a television show that gets you wanting to train. *cough*…Rocky IV…sorry I had to.

Hypothetically, if talking about an average person working Monday to Friday then training 5 days a week is fine, but taking two off after that…come on, you can do better then that. I find its more helpful to a persons schedule to do 4-5 workouts and take one off…that way it gives you some flexibility should something come up. If you MUST do the Monday-Friday schedule, use one of your weekend days at least to accomplish some cardiovascular training.

Along with cardiovascular training, why not add in some abdominal exercising as well. I mean in order to see that six pack you need to combine both types of training for any hope.

I should mention, before you cringe at “Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals” below. Think of this…simply get your target heart rate going for 20-30 minutes. Abdominals…well if you are contracting that muscle properly, you should not take much time working this area either. *One tip say when doing a crunch, flex that muscle and at the same time force all the air out of your lungs.*

Here is a typical training regimen that you may wish to try, stick to 4 sets of 4 exercises of 10-12 repetitions:

Monday – Chest
Tuesday – Back/Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Wednesday – Legs
Thursday – Shoulders/Traps/Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Friday – Arms
Saturday – Off/ Cardiovascular Training & Abdominals
Sunday - OFF

Keep your workouts aerobic and burning more calories by taking less rest time. I mentioned previously…do one set of an exercise, rest only 45 seconds and continue to the next set of that exercise. If you are really hardcore you can even do an aerobic exercise in between for the 45 seconds like skipping for example.

Let’s remember that your body, in a way, is your own worst enemy. It can adapt very quickly so changing your routines up every 6-8 weeks is best. Don’t give your body time to make things easier, this means it is no longer as effective.

Though some may not wish to spend money on supplements, I really believe that anyone should include a daily multivitamin into their nutrition.

Well that’s the skinny on training. All the above is basic but should be able to get the most new comers closer to attaining their Lifestyle Change.


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