Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank You and The Next Step

Since my last match back in September I have been getting so many emails of support and questions from people. The support has been tremendous as always, yet it seems it can keep surprising me just how much I receive. In the most sincere way I want to thank everyone. I even thought after my last match I would lose some of that support, but to my surprise again, that was not the case.

I was feeling I should say a few things and give a couple answers to questions I have been receiving. Again, the support that is shown keeps amazing me.

To start I really want to thank everyone who has supported me over the 10 years I spent in the sports entertainment business. From day one I felt very fortunate to continuously get so much support and appreciation for my passion in wrestling. The one thing that kept me going I would definitely say was just that support I got. It is the biggest aspect that I find missing, getting to talk to the people and fans at the shows. To hear the crowd show their appreciation for what you enjoy doing while at the same time feeling the same appreciation for them coming to watch the show.

I was fortunate to get to do a lot of things in those short 10 years. Travel and meet so many interesting and nice people through that time as well. I consider myself lucky getting to travel all over Canada, USA and recently in 2011 to Japan. Of course getting signed by World Wrestling Entertainment and getting to perform in front of millions of people on RAW really set the bar high for all of those experiences.

It really showed me after appearing on RAW and getting signed that all those people who said “That will never happen” or “That’s just a dream, not reality”, that they simply were fuel to my passion to succeed. If there is anything I can pass along to everyone is just that, that people can do whatever it is they are passionate about and set there minds too. There will always be those people who say you “can’t” do it, but if you use them properly, then they can be one of your biggest driving factors when attempting to reach a dream or goal in your life. Live your life for you, live for your dreams and do not stop until you get there.

I miss many of the fans and friends I made during my time with WWE. I also miss many of the fans and friends I have made over the years I spent performing independently as well. There are some connections that I know I will keep through the rest of my life and am grateful for those connections I made.

The reason I chose to close the door and start down a new path in my life was made from a personal decision. Along with that decision, I felt that I had accomplished all I was going to be able to. In my mind it was originally more than I thought I could possibly attain. The funny part though, in a lot of ways, it was not good enough in my own mind or as far as I thought I should have got as well. I wish I could give you a better answer than that, for those who asked “why are you stopping wrestling?”

It makes me feel so good when people say “you should still be signed” or “you are so entertaining, it sucks you are stopping.” Receiving so many emails like that from people just make me realize a bit more just how many people supported and do support me.

What is next for me is another question I receive a lot. I don’t have a good answer for you there though at this time. I am still figuring out this next path and have contemplated bodybuilding or continuing with fitness modeling as well. I continue to have great support and sponsorship through Showtime Supplements which is real nice to have. As for 2011, it was such a roller coaster year and I guess its going to take me a bit longer to figure out where this new path is going to lead. Though I know opportunities will continue to present themselves the more driven I am.

I wanted to make sure that no matter what path I take or where life leads me that I made sure to thank each and every one of you who have supported me so greatly. Rest assured I am not going to fade away and disappear. Through my website, twitter, facebook I will make sure to keep all of you supporters informed as to what is coming next for me.

So I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Please, do not drink and drive and make sure we all have a safe holiday and New Years as well.

In my most humble way, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your continued support and see you all in 2012!

~Jon Cutler~


  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for taking a moment to let us know what is new in your life.

  2. No problem Jim, thank you for taking your time to read and follow me as well.