Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week people were asked by @Hot_Wrestlers to submit questions for Jon Cutler to answer, here they are:

1) What's your favorite type of workout you do daily? I suppose for me its just getting my butt to the gym and being physically active…lifting weights, skipping rope, whatever it takes

2) Do you spray tan, or regular tan? Regular tan, never liked the look of spray tans much. Kind of look orange on some people and who wants to look like a carrot.

3) What age when u decided u want to become a wrestler? Hmmm, well some would say when I was like 4-5 years old. When I actually decided to take a shot I was 20 I believe.

4) How is the life after the many months not wrestling? Well, not as banged up so much but pains still there. A little simple…definitely miss the fans and entertaining the crowds. That rush when you come through the entrance is like no other.

5) Other than wrestling, what are you passionate about? Good question, probably bodybuilding or fitness in general and educating youth. Can’t forget the Winnipeg Jets either.

6) What are your plans for your post-wrestling career? You know all I said was it’s my last match, I never said the word “retire” *wink*. Lol, I am still deciding on that right now.

7) What words of motivation would you bring for your fans? If you want something, go for it. You will always have people say negative things…but it’s mostly because they wish they had taken a shot at their dreams. Use it to fuel the fire and motivate you.

 8) Do you still have these killer body & massive thighs? Lol, never thought of myself as having that…and massive thighs, lol…well after playing hockey my whole life I don’t think those are going away anytime soon. Can anyone help me buy jeans?? It can be so frustrating.

9) Did fans still notice you or know you when they see you? Yes, I suppose surprisingly to me, people do. Even when I look like a bum after the gym, I was still recently seen doing some shopping.

10) How is your view to the current WWE product? I am happy for a lot of my bro’s who are now on the mainstream roster and television. I still like to bug my buddy David (Otunga) that I have him on tape saying he is my number 1 fan, lol.

11) What you think of the current product the WWE have to offer for the divas? Being a diva is not just about image anymore. More and more it’s apparent that you really have to be tough and be able to kick some butt to be a diva.

12) Who are the divas with the most potential down there from your point of view? Not sure if you meant current roster or developmental. But for current…Natalya is great and my fellow Canadian Rosa Mendes is still a favorite of mine. Honestly the talent with the diva’s is high and has come a long way.

13) Would you ever pose nude? Lol, now who the heck would want to see that…honestly, lol.

14) Do you still have your trunks? Yes, I still have my gear…somewhere anyway.

15) When yes do you use them sometimes as swimwear? No, just wear the gear for my matches. Recently read a “wear your gear to work thing on Facebook”. I didn’t think that would go over too well at most places, lol.

16) Anybody wanted to buy them from you? Surprisingly to me I have had a couple emails and requests asking yes. Guess the boots are pretty stylish.

17) We know that you quit with wrestling, but would you do some very light fetish wrestling with wearing a speedo? Lol, again…come on who would want to see that. Probably better chance though of me getting back into mainstream wrestling…hope that doesn’t disappoint.

18) Does people/fans came up to you and wanted to massage your body still after the wrestling? I may, at times, have had an offer or two. One thought, free massage…lol

19) Would you wear a tight speedo and do a photoshoot while getting payed for this? I suppose that would not be too new to me. Being in fitness, I would not discount the possibility as I have needed to for sponsorships. Speaking of which, time for a cheap plug of or join the facebook group here

20) Who did you most enjoy wrestling in FCW? It’s hard to say, I had some fun rivalries and matches there with guys like Eric Escobar, Ken Kennedy, Yoshitatsu, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga…just to name a few. There was a lot of talent and good times while I was in FCW.

21) Does someone like you had some groupies when you still were active as wrestler? Hmmmm, well I suppose that would be more of a poll or question for everyone else. I definitely had fans…but groupies…not sure I invoked that kind of reaction from people but hey, weirder things have happened.

22) Any plans in working with a wrestling promotion as creative head near you? I have not really thought about it just yet…guess it would depend, I do miss the creative aspect. But mostly I just miss the fans!

~Jon Cutler~

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