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Twitter Interview August 2012

Interview on Twitter for @thejoncutler from @JerommeGraham for the blog at

1. Did you grow up a wrestling fan? What wrestlers did you admire before getting into the business?

That would be a loud and resounding yes.  I have a memory of watching Hulk Hogan and also Mr. T preparing for Wrestlemania I.  Growing up my older friend and cousin took turns slamming me on the grass, in the basement, in the pool and gave me a big stuffed animal as a tag partner…now that was fair.  Funny, when I was older and bigger...that all stopped.

Guys that I admired…well usually  I enjoyed watching the “good guys” win.  I really enjoyed Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sting.  As I got closer to when I started wrestling it was the Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker and of course DX.

2. How did you get your start in wrestling?

I had finished playing hockey and rugby and I was looking for something to do other than just hitting the gym.  A local promoter (Matt Evans) was running a small promotion in the town I was living. After talking to him a couple of us decided to take a shot at something we had always done as kids...and it kind of just went from there.  I guess I always wanted to make it to the big stage, but I didn’t really start believing it until a few years into wrestling when I was fortunate to be trained by Johnny Devine.

3. You were signed to a developmental deal in 2008. How did that come about? Was being signed to the WWE your ultimate goal in wrestling?

Yeah, I got the deal back in 2008 with WWE.  I was originally supposed to have a tryout when they came to Canada in 2007, but they cancelled that tour due to the Benoit incident.  Then in 2008 they were in contact with me to go to Toronto, Canada for a look.  After being in the ring, during the day before the RAW taping that night, they told me I would be working a match against Paul Burchill and Katie Lea.  That match ended up not being a dark match but actually a segment on RAW which was pretty cool.  It was the next day at the Smackdown taping that I was approached and offered the contract.  You can see that match on my youtube channel.

I would say my ultimate goal was not simply being signed by WWE or TNA or anything like that.  To simply get signed by WWE was pretty awesome, don’t get me wrong.  But I think the ultimate goal for most, as well as me, is to get a few big matches at minimum and one day hold a title.  Getting on RAW the one match was just the start of what I had been working very hard for.

4. What led to your release?

Hmmm, that is a good question.  It came as a surprise to me and many others as I was doing well at the time.  I was flattered to have Dusty Rhodes giving me props for my promo work when in Florida, I mean that guy knows how to cut a real good promo.  So with that going for me and receiving praises on my recent matches, I really was caught by surprise.  That is not to say I didn’t have things to work on though but things were on the ‘up’ I thought.

I would say looking back one thing I had against me was I was “too nice” is one thing I was told.  I mean its one thing to make your opponents look good but you have to be willing to take your own shots and let yourself shine too, which is something I would do differently if I were given the chance.

All in all I look back on it as a great opportunity I had that not a lot of people can say they get the chance to do.  It was a great experience.

5. Surely, you've worked with and have become friends with wrestlers that are working in both the WWE and TNA. What's your take on the current wrestling scene?

Yes, a lot of the guys on television right now I have worked with or who I am friends with.  I can remember tagging with Shaemus when we were in Florida.  Now that is a tough guy and he deserves all he is getting.  Really nice...could count on him to help you out if needed.  David Otunga as well has worked so hard and definitely deserves all he is getting.  He was humble when he and I started in Florida and still is to wrestling.  Super good guy I am lucky to call a I can always say I had his first ever wrestling match, lol.

6. Is there anyone you've wrestled on the indies or in FCW that you think people should keep an eye on?

That is a good question...there are a lot of talented guys out there both on the Indy scene and approaching the next step. Byron Saxton and Abraham Washinton have always been favorite’s of mine and I think they are very talented and creative.  Bo and Duke Rotundo are also really great guys, Duke obviously goes by a different alias right now.  Tenille Tayla just got back down to FCW and I would say you need to watch and see what she can do in the future as she is very talented as well.

7. What was it like auditioning for Tough Enough?

It was pretty interesting I will say.  I was in contact a lot with the casting department before the show.  I know up to the final decisions being made my name was in the mix.  From what they picked it was clear that whoever outside of casting was making final decisions, my past experience with WWE probably played as a negative for me.  Obviously they wanted someone with not a lot of experience or who was already down a FCW.  Either way it was fun and it was good to know I was so close to being picked.

8. You worked as with Jessie Godderz and Jonny Fairplay as the Hollywood Love Guns in WFX. Could you see yourself on Big Brother or Survivor?

Lol, I would totally win Survivor, I mean Jonny would have my back and who better to give me tips right??  Big Brother...bring it on, I could entertain and kick as on that show as well...again having an inside source to give me tips there with Jessie.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun as the Hollywood Love Guns.  The chemistry the three of us had was pretty good and our backstage stuff I had a lot of fun with.  Maybe it’s something my supporters should email TNA or WWE and get them to take a look at, you think, lol??  You can see some of our stuff and our theme song on my youtube channel as well.

9. How have you been keeping busy post-wrestling?

Have I been keeping busy??  Well I will say I have less new pains, but still the same nagging ones.  You will still find me training hard in the gym.  Just enjoying things and finding which path I want to take.  I do miss the business of sports entertainment and wrestling.  The camaraderie you have with each other is pretty unique.  The fans are also quite something else and I definitely miss that...probably the most out of it all.  I was blessed to have so many dedicated and awesome fans and followers out there who many still show their support for me to this day.  Maybe they deserve a return one day?? I mean I never did use the word “retire” right...maybe everyone should follow me on twitter or my site

10. Tell us about Showtime Supplements.

Showtime Sports Supplement is a sponsor I currently have.  Darryl and his wife Yvette are two of the nicest people I know.  They were very open with sponsoring me right away, knowing my path was sports entertainment at the time and not bodybuilding.  I cannot say enough good words about that company and anyone who has the opportunity to purchase supplements from them or get health advice or even meet with them in person...well I feel should take that opportunity.  Here is their website

11. Are you at all surprised by your large fan base? What is it like knowing that so many people look up to you and also that you're viewed as a sex symbol by male and female fans alike?

You know what, lol...I can try be as sincere with you and say, YES...I was always blown away more and more by all the people that have shown and still show their support for me.  It’s something that I have always tried to show my appreciation that everyone knows how much it means to me.  If that means spending an hour and more replying to emails or messages...then I would do that.  Trying to remember birthdays and really get to know those who showed support for me.  It can be a daunting task with things like my website, Twitter and Facebook, lol...but I try my best.  I mean the way I see it if a person sends me a message or email, that is time out of their own day they are spending doing why should my time be any more important that I can’t reply to them?  That’s how I see it anyway.

Ok, lol...well first of all.  I enjoy having youth look up to me, I try to be a good role model and I have always enjoyed going around to schools and places, giving talks to people and youth.

Now the second part quite honestly made me symbol by male and female  I guess I just don’t see myself that way, though especially with the Hollywood Love Guns I could turn it up and sure make you think I do.  If that is how people view me, then it’s flattering and surprising to me.  Can’t say I see it as a bad thing, I mean if it’s true then I got to say “Woohoo, I really am Prime Cut”, lol.

12. Personally, I feel like you could have a big modelling career. Any chance of you pursuing more modelling work? And knowing the readers, I have to ask, would you ever follow in the footsteps of HBK and pose for Playgirl or do nude work?

I have had people make me think of the modelling career, to be honest.  But I never really pursued it actively.  Is modelling in the cards...I guess I wouldn’t discount it if I were approached to do it, I just never actively went looking.

Lol, HBK did his own thing and paved quite the path.  I don’t know that I could ever go that route myself...and really who wants to see that? Lol.

Random Rapid Fire Questions. Basically just the first thing that comes to mind.

1. You can't leave home without... “A good belt, hate trying to hold up my pants when they are too big.”
2. What wrestler past or present do you wish you could've wrestled? “Chris Jericho, Sting or Hulk Hogan I suppose”
3. Favourite superhero? “Superman of course”
4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? “I have always wanted to fly, though x-ray vision seems pretty useful”
5. Boxers or briefs?  “Take the two and combine those together, got it? Lol”
6. Hidden talent?  “Memorizing lines from a movie”
7. Favourite breakfast food?  “Not lying, protein pancakes, if made right are really good honestly.”
8. Current cologne of choice? “Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio, like moths to a flame”
9. What would someone have to do to impress you or get your attention?  ”Lol, just be interesting, I don’t enjoy small talk”
10. Favourite quote?  “Everyone man dies, not every man really lives...I know what you are thinking but honestly that one has followed me since I first saw the movie.”

~Jon Cutler~

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